Prayer Requests

church members in prayer

Our Joys

  • The joy of Kids Camp, the children, and all the volunteers!

In Christian Sympathy

  • The family of Len Hood (Peggy K. uncle)

Prayer Concerns

  • Brigg (Donna Stowers’s nephew) had a very bad leg break and had 9 surgeries
  • Anna Herring (Marian Gilliams’ mother) is in the hospital
  • Collin Walker (student of Grady’s) has pneumonia & meningitis and is home but has a long recovery road ahead
  • Carson (Bridwell’s grandson) broke his leg and is in a cast
  • Verna Manning had surgery and is now recovering at Stagecoach
  • Willa Posey (Sarah’s grandmother) fell and broke several ribs
  • JH Brazier (Bill Reynolds’ friend)

Ongoing Prayer Concerns

  • Paula Tolle
  • Nancy Eaton
  • Ronny Horn
  • Jim Caldwell
  • Leon & Lillian Farmer
  • Monnie Hicks
  • Steve Stokes
  • Jackie Hutto
  • Pat Ross
  • Jan Canova
  • Len Hood
  • Daena Hughes
  • Bethany McBride and Twins Rex & Jack
  • Travis Ellison
  • Fred Sutherland
  • Bill & Elizabeth Reynolds
  • Katherine Hudson
  • Jimmy Meyers
  • Andrea McKinnon
  • Patricia Britt
  • Truett Linehan
  • Paul Walsh
  • The people of Israel and Ukraine
  • Our Military, Leaders, and First Responders